Do computer games on wireless routers take computers offline?

Answer Wireless connections are fine for Internet gaming, as long as the connection is strong. Make sure the router is in a central location to all computers that will be accessing it. Get the best techno... Read More »

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Can I Upgrade My Wireless Routers Firmware From a Wireless Computer?

The firmware on a wireless router is somewhat like its operating system. Without this firmware, the router is not able to function as needed. Firmware is actually software stored electronically in ... Read More »

Do wireless routers emit harmful radio waves what is a safe distance from routers to ensure i'm not harmed?

Radio waves from your router are harmless. It is a much lower power than a Cell Phone, so don't worry. (They have not banned Cell Phone use yet).Good luck and Happy Computing!

What Are the Differences Between Wireless G & Wireless N Routers?

Wireless routers are a proven way of building a computer network within your home or office. Being radio-based, the transmitting and receiving network hardware must be able to communicate. The Ethe... Read More »

Can you mix wireless-G routers with wireless-G PCI cards?

You can mix brands of wireless PCI adapters with different brands of routers. For the best performance, keep the adapters the same type as the router, such as wireless-G with wireless-G and wireles... Read More »