Do cold temperatures affect the elasticity of a rubber band?

Answer Whereas most materials expand with heat, rubber bands expand with cold temperatures; this is due to the large, thread-like molecules that make up rubber bands. When the temperature drops, the rubbe... Read More »

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Do Cold Temperatures Affect Laptops?

You may have heard that heat is a laptop computer's worst enemy. While that is true, excessive cold also can damage a laptop. Laptop computers are designed to run at room temperatures that most peo... Read More »

How do cold air temperatures affect the amount of water vapor in the air?

Cooler air cannot hold as much water vapor as warmer air. This is one function of modern air conditioning in humid climates. When air conditioners cool the air, they limit its ability to hold water... Read More »

Does the width of a rubber band affect how far it will stretch?

The thickness, or width, of the rubber band will determine how far it can stretch. If you have two bands of the same circumference, but different thicknesses, the thinner one will stretch further. ... Read More »

Does the distance you stretch the rubber band affect the distance it will travel?

The amount of potential energy in a stretched rubber band, and the distance it can travel, depends on how far it is stretched. According to Hooke's Law, an elastic object is stretched in proportio... Read More »