Do coffee drinkers realise that it makes their breathe smells really bad?

Answer My old boss didn't! drank loadsa coffee and when he spoke it smelt like he was farting from his mouth!! ewwwwwwwwwwh!

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Why don't coffee drinkers grow their own coffee?

If you want good tasting coffee you need germinable arabica beans or else an plant, and then you need to live at high altitude in a hot climate, and typical coffee climates have extremely high rain... Read More »

Who would win in a war between tea drinkers and coffee drinkers?

Tea of course, it got us through the war didn't it??

Could NASA be deceiving the public to keep their jobs considering they most likely realise that the distances are too great and that earth resources too few for any long distance space travel?

Extremely doubtful. NASA is as aware as anyone else that thanks to Nixon, we haven't really had a real manned space program since 1972. Everything since then has been pogo-stick flights... take off... Read More »

Do you love how coffee smells I love how coffee smells. What other smells do you love?

The soft scent of your delicate perfume drifting coolly to my senses . Is your preference Red Door or Poison .Another scent i like is the smell of clean linen after it has dried outside on a wash l... Read More »