Do co-ops need inspection prior to buying?

Answer As a matter of best practices, any time you consider a real estate purchase, you need an inspection of the property. Find an inspector who is co-op savvy, so that the appropriate assets are inspected.

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Can you begin an insurance policy before buying a car in case the lender requires prior coverage?

Answer from a General Agent Yes you can start the policy and pay premium but the actual coverage will commence when you take possession of the vehicle.

Does treatment by a chiropractor prior to an insurance start date determine a preexisting condition and how can an insurance company find out about chiropractic treatment prior to being insured?

Answer The Insurance Company generally finds out by what you tell them on the application. If you don't tell them, they probably have the right to deny coverage and rescind the application. chec... Read More »

When buying a camcorder battery how do i get a good price without buying a potentially explosive iece of junk?

Whether you are buying a "brand named" battery of a "non brand name" battery... A battery is a battery. All batteries are pretty much made in China and all you are paying for is a name... These bil... Read More »

What can you do when buying a used Ipod to avoid buying stolen goods?

If you are allowed access to the IPod by the seller, copy down the serial number and take it to your local police agency and ask them to check the serial number for stolen. Many (most?) departments... Read More »