Do citronella candles work against Poltergeists?

Answer Only if it's the 31st of February and a full moon.

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How do citronella candles work?

Staying outside during the summer months can be fun, except when pests such as mosquitoes ruin a good time. Many people light citronella candles to keep the bugs away so they can enjoy the outdoors... Read More »

Are citronella candles a type of pesticide?

No, citronella candles are not a type of pesticide. Citronella is more accurately described as a pest repellent. A pesticide is a product that kills pests. Citronella does not kill pests, even if t... Read More »

Can citronella candles be burned indoors?

According to OFF!, it is not safe to burn citronella candles indoors. In addition, do not burn citronella candles in garages, porches or other enclosed spaces. Always monitor burning candles and ke... Read More »

Gardeners: Do citronella candles, and the like, really ward off midgets?

If you live en Angleterre, as my cyber-stalking efforts lead me to believe, those are not real midgets.You Sassenachs will never know true pain until the Scottish Air Force attacks your nostrils, y... Read More »