If it could be proven that cigarettes cause cancer, Would cigarettes be banned?

Answer It has definately been proven that cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mouth cancers gangrene and other nasties such as emphysema.I am a cynic though and I think that because the ... Read More »

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When he will get Cancer being a smoker of nearly 20 cigarettes per day?

He might not get cancer at all ( it is a possibility).there is now way that we can say he is going to get cancer after a given period.the one thing that I can say while confident is that smoking ha... Read More »

How many cigarettes do you have to smoke to get cancer?

My grandparents are 88 and 83 and have been smoking for over 60 years, with no signs of quitting. They are healthier than most non smokers in their 50's.

What are the effects of cigarettes besides lung cancer?

How many cigarettes does it take to get lung disease or cancer?

I do not suggest smoking,But I believe it takes very many,as it can take many years of smoking to get cancer/disease