Do cigarette cravings ever go away?

Answer First of all congratulations on quitting! You will have cravings from time to time for a long time. But Iam quite sure that the cravings will pass very quickly if you get busy with doing something ... Read More »

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HELP! Junk food craving and cigarette cravings?

Trying to quit that way you'll continue smoking and you'll be eating a lot of junk food.Want to quit? Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy ... Read More »

What can I do to the fight cravings for a cigarette when I drink alchohol?

welcome to my world cuz, if i knew the answer ide tell u. but what i think is that u need to kick it with people that dont smoke. thats what im starting to do

If I cut out sugar from my diet, how long would it take for the sweet cravings to go away?

okay heres go my answear for you...i was diagonised with type 2 diabettes and became insulin dependent....that was back in june of this year...i dont think your'e sweet cravings ever go away, its a... Read More »

Did the teletubies ever sing a song that went away away a com a saya in an episode?

well, if you were watching on April Fool's Day, this is simply a prank. I was watching today and got the same thing. Either that, or some Cow and Chicken episodes were recorded with the chowder ope... Read More »