Do chiropractors have the same oath as physicians?

Answer Chiropractors swear to an oath, but it is not the same as "The Hippocratic Oath" that physicians swear to. Instead, a chiropractor's oath is referred to as "The Chiropractic Oath."References:Courty... Read More »

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What is your experience with Chiropractors?

1. My ex husband went to a chiropractor for minor back pain and came out of the appointment essentially paralyzed. He was out of work for a month, but made a full recovery.2. My father went to a ch... Read More »

Are chiropractors really doctors?

On One Hand: Chiropractors Are DoctorsA chiropractor is a doctor who holds a certification in back and spine treatment. To become a chiropractic doctor, a student must obtain a bachelor's degree, f... Read More »

What does"D.C."stand for regarding chiropractors?

The abbreviation "D.C." is a title that often accompanies a chiropractor's name. It means "doctor of chiropractic" and is used in the same way that "M.D." is used to represent "doctor of medicine."... Read More »

What do you guys think of chiropractors?

Hi,I am a Chiropractic student and I cannot tell you how I love chiropractic. Like many others, I'm sure, we all think that all chiropractors did are crack people's neck and make them feel 3 thing... Read More »