Do chin spoilers help with speed?

Answer Chin spoilers are bumper accessories for both cars and trucks. The purpose of the spoilers is to enhance cosmetic appearance. The devices do not aid in speed or efficiency of the vehicle.Source:Ame... Read More »

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OK, I just got 7 stitches on my chin. I need some tips to dealing with these. Can you help?

Ouch! Don't get them real wet. I just had stitches in my neck and I would remove the band aid, clean the area with alcohol, put some triple antibiotic salve on them & replace the band aid. Those w... Read More »

Create device for control of fan speed. 4 levels of speed. speed switching in manual mode with two.....?

Too many requirements for a circuit design that can be described here,but may be possible to do with thermal switches and some relays.Start by drawing diagrams of single-pole double-throw switchest... Read More »

Does ReadyBoost help with the speed of PC if it has low RAM?

No. It's a nice idea, but in practise, USB devices are far too slow for it to be effective. RAM has a much higher data rate, but its cheap and easy to upgrade.

I need help with my internet speed?

Because you are reading it incorrectly.Your ISP,, and other bandwidth software all display internet bandwidth in bits not bytes.Your bandwidth is 2.8 Mbps (MegaBITS per second) downlo... Read More »