Do children with higher IQs tend to go on to become vegetarians?

Answer Again you fail to provide a link...…Here it is. You will also notice that the difference is only 5 points, not a major difference. If you also read careful... Read More »

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Is it true that vegetarians TEND not to be interested in religion?

What? Huh? Baffling!Ok Ok Ok....I am a vegetarian, and I am a Christian. There is absolutely no correlation between the two. I prefer not to eat meat, simply because it's (meat) unhealthy for you. ... Read More »

Why do African Americans tend to have a higher blood pressure?

I have no idea, I'm only 24 and my blood pressure shot up for the first time in my life on Saturday. I believe our genes just make us more vulnerable to it. High Blood pressure has nothing to do wi... Read More »

Do vegetarians generally tend to not buy products made from leather or other animal skin / fur?

Vegetarianism is strictly about diet, so, theoretically, one can call themselves a vegetarian and wear fur and use products tested on animals.Generally speaking, however, I believe most try to avoi... Read More »

Why do children tend to follow parents' decisions?

Because children are normally around there parents for their whole lives so they become similar to their parents. Also it could be something in the genes.