Do children suffer when given up for adoption?

Answer It depends on the state where the US citizen resides. In most states, you can adopt your 20 year old stepson in an adult adoption regardless of his immigration status. But you should know that you ... Read More »

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How old can a child be when given up for adoption?

Children can be relinquished for adoption at any age, and even adults can be adopted, although that usually has little to do with parental surrender.In the case of pre-birth matching of adoptive pa... Read More »

Are there two levels of adoption when adopting the children of a spouse?

How expensive is adoption when you want to adopt your wife's children?

Answer It won't be nearly a expensive as adopting a child from an agency or a foreign country. But you should find a lawyer who deals with this and have the appropriate paperwork drawn up to make i... Read More »

Do you think most adoption agency social workers want first parents to suffer?

Firstly, I think some of the responders are unclear on the workers you mean. You are not speaking of child protective social workers who deal with situations where children have been removed. You... Read More »