Do children have to be in car seats in Mexico?

Answer Yes. Also, no children under 8 years old should be on the front seat. However, many people disregard this law with predictable consequences.

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Do children need car seats on airplanes?

Children are not required to be restrained in car seats on an airplane. However, the Federal Aviation Administration recommends that children who weigh less than 20 lbs. use a rear-facing car seat,... Read More »

Why don't taxi's have car seats for children?

because children and adults are not desame. and were adult sit children cannot seat, defending on the condition.

When can children stop using car seats?

Infants outgrow infant car seats when they are at least 1 year old and 20 pounds. From there, they will move into forward facing car seats. These are necessary until the child is around 4 years of ... Read More »

Do children need passports to go to Mexico?

A child may or may not require a passport to enter Mexico. If she is a U.S. citizen, traveling on a closed-loop cruise or entering by land, then a birth certificate will suffice. If she is travelin... Read More »