How to kiss small lips if have big lips?

Answer kiss him like any guy with normal lips

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Do you have chickens in your back yard for a supply of fresh eggs Would you like to have them?

I've had chickens, they're cool...I want chickens again... I like hooking up the chicken tractor, and allowing them to prepare the vegetable bed...I like the backyard chicken forum here:http://back... Read More »

Do chickens have hair?

Chickens and other poultry do not have hair. Hair is a characteristic of mammals, while feathers are a characteristic of birds. Chickens do have fine, bristlelike feathers around the face that may ... Read More »

What color eggs do black Silkie chickens have?

Black Silkie Bantam chicken eggs are cream colored or slightly tinted, and very small in size. The Silkie Bantam is from the far East and is still kept for its eggs. The birds themselves are orname... Read More »

Have you ever stuck a can of beer or soda up a chickens butt and cooked it?

The answer is's the very best, tastiest, moistest, most incredible flavored chicken you'll ever taste. Although the person that thought of this idea was clearly a little twisted, they d... Read More »