Do chew toys make dogs bite?

Answer On One Hand: Chew Toys Provide a Safe Healthy OutletChew toys give dogs something appropriate to chew so they do not destroy furniture or other household objects. Chew toys provide a safe and healt... Read More »

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Are rawhide chew toys good for small dogs?

On One Hand: Rawhide and health risksRawhide toys pose a health risk to all dogs, including small dogs, those weighing 25 pounds or less. Rawhide is the dried hide from a cow or horse and does not ... Read More »

How do I make homemade dog chew toys?

SuppliesYou will need two green, flexible sticks. Cut off ends that are sharp or file them so they form a curved or softer point, and use rags or an old T-shift cut or torn into long strips to act ... Read More »

How to Make Toys for Dogs in the Backyard?

Creating homemade backyard toys for your dog can be both rewarding and inexpensive. By using household materials you can create chew toys and pull toys that are durable and easy to replace when fin... Read More »

Safest Chew Toys for Puppies?

Puppies love to chew. It's a natural impulse during the teething stage. It's equally natural for their owners to want to give them special toys to chew on so they don't indulge this instinct by che... Read More »