Do charge off accounts have a zero balance?

Answer When an account is charged off, it means the company holding the debt writes off the debt because the person owing the debt is not likely to pay. Charged off accounts do not have a zero balance and... Read More »

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Should I Close Credit Card Accounts That Have a Zero Balance?

A grant is not a loan. It is an award of financial assistance from a federal, state, or private agency for a specific, usually public, purpose. It is usually not merely for financial assistance, bu... Read More »

How to Transfer a Credit Card Balance With Zero Percent Interest?

No matter what the level of overall interest rates, the rates on credit cards never seem to go down. With credit card interest rates rising well into the double digits, it is important for consumer... Read More »

What Accounts on the Balance Sheet Is Net Working Capital Most Concerned With?

Net working capital is an important term to many people who work in the business field. A business owner must understand what net working capital is and how it relates to the operation of his busin... Read More »

Do you have to charge your ipod fully or can you just charge it a little bit then charge the rest the next day?

Answeryou dont need to charge your ipod fully but if you dont it has a high chance of dying. its better for the battery if you charge it fully and then let it die completely.