Do changes in the weather cause you much pain from old injuries?

Answer I've known several people with arthritis who said their joint stiffness and pain increased during rainy weather, and diminished when it was dry. Almost every one of them said they could tell in ad... Read More »

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Why do old injuries hurt in bad weather?

Because of the change in barometric pressure. It's kind of like how dogs know when a storm is coming.

Can sleeping too much cause back pain?

On One Hand: Too Much Sleep CausationToo much sleeping can lead to a number of negative factors, such as headaches, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression and even death. Too much sleep can a... Read More »

Can brain injuries cause glaucoma?

Brain injuries can cause glaucoma. Any trauma, blow, hit or injury to the brain or head can cause traumatic glaucoma. It can occur immediately after an injury, or it may not manifest until years la... Read More »

What sports cause the most injuries to children?