Do cell phones teach teens responsibility?

Answer On One Hand: Communication and ResponsibiltyTeens can learn some responsibility from using a cell phone. Some parents opt for their children to cover their own cell bills, teaching them the importa... Read More »

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Why do cell phones help teach kids responsibility?

Because it can help them show how to use there min. and texts limit and it shows that you are allowing them to have things but it can be taken away! + you can say if they do something wrong like no... Read More »

Why teens need cell phones?

If you were my Daughter id buy you a cellphone cause wherever you go. i'll always know where you be at and if you ignore my calls and call too many boys i will ground you for a week.I need you to h... Read More »

How many teens die from accidents while on cell phones?

In 2008, 707 U.S. teens died in a car accident due to being distracted by cell phone usage. More than half of all teens with phone admit to using their cell phone while driving.References:Washingto... Read More »

How many teens in america have cell phones?