Can cell phones really cause brain cancer?

Answer No. There is no clinical scientific evidence that cell phones cause brain cancer in human beings.ACS: Cellular Phones…"there is now considerable epidemiolo... Read More »

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If cell phones really cause cancer how long &/or how much use does it take?

cell phones emitts radiation just like when you are connecting wireless on a laptops. but cell phones has less radiation therefore it should take along time until you get cancer. maybe when you get... Read More »

Is Cell phones linked to Cancer?

No, more research needs to be done. In the meantime though, it wouldn't hurt to use a headset (which you should be using while driving anyway).

Do cell phones cause brain cancer?

Studies being made now show that within 10 years time a cell phone user can develop brain cancer. However, you've probably read these articles. If not, google them and I'm sure they'll come up.

Do cell phones give off radiation?

According to the National Cancer Institute, all cellphones give off radiation because they use a type of radiation called radio waves for communication. Whether the amount they give off leads to an... Read More »