Can cell phones cause headaches?

Answer Answer If your wife is having frequent headaches, then you should really have her see a doctor as it is quite unlikely to be caused by RF radiation. The answers that offer "tachyon energy cells" or... Read More »

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Do cell phones cause hearing loss?

On One Hand: High-Frequency Hearing LossAn oft-cited 2007 study showed that cell phones were likely to cause high-frequency hearing loss in people who spoke on the mobile phone at least one hour pe... Read More »

Do cell phones in cars cause accidents?

On One Hand: Phones Cause 28 Percent of Car Accidents"The Washington Post" reported that 28 percent of car accidents are caused by either texting or talking on cell phones. That number equates to n... Read More »

Do cell phones cause automobile accidents?

A study by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, as cited in a 2005 Live Science website article, found that using a cell phone while driving severely inhibits the driver's ability to concentra... Read More »

Do cell phones cause brain cancer?

Studies being made now show that within 10 years time a cell phone user can develop brain cancer. However, you've probably read these articles. If not, google them and I'm sure they'll come up.