Do celebs see every tweet they read or is it just too much?

Answer Maybe what you're sending is lame, so why would they retweet EVERYTHING EVERYONE sends?! That in itself would be a full time job.

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How many times do you have to tweet to exceed the tweet limit?

What tweet ideas could i tweet that would likely get re-tweeted?

Just tweet the same as you would in any conversation.Rumours are good because there so many gullible people on itand the internet that if you said the earth was flat they'd believe it!

Most annoying celebs of 06?

1-paris hilton she is a retard.2-kate moss she gets caught doing drugs and now her career is better than ever? uh!?3-nikki from big brother she has to be fake no irl of that age really behaves like... Read More »

What celebs will be in im a celebrity get you out of here?

Gino D'AcampoCamilla DallerupJoe BugnerKatie PriceSabrina WashingtonStuart ManningGeorge HamiltonJimmy WhiteJustin RyanColin McAllisterLucy BenjaminSam FoxKim Woodburn