Do celebrities update their own Wikipedia page?

Answer Seldom. Anybody can update a Wiki page.~

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How do the people who write wikipedia articles for celebrities get all their info?

If we edit a wikipedia page and we add some wrong information in that page,will it be deleted by wikipedia?

More experienced users are notified of changes to pages that relate to their specialty, and they review them accordingly. If your information is simply lacking sources or inaccurate, it can be dele... Read More »

Why do "How I Met Your Mother" episodes have their own Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia determines whether or not to have an article on something on what is called on wikipedia the notability guideline. This comes down to: Wikipedia keeps an article if there are things writt... Read More »

Can kids get in trouble for editing their school's wikipedia page?

There are two kinds of "trouble" here: Academic and Legal. In the United States the 1st amendment in theory protects speech like this, so these kids probably will not get in legal trouble. However ... Read More »