Do cats suffer from allergies?

Answer According to the non-profit cat health care organization Pawprints and Purrs, allergies are a common condition in cats. There are four major types of cat allergies: contact, flea, food and inhalant... Read More »

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Do you suffer from allergies?

Can infants suffer allergies to dust?

Infants and Dust AllergiesYes, as a matter of fact it is very common for children and infants to have a higher sensitivity to such allergens than adults. Installing a humidifier in the room can wei... Read More »

Can dogs suffer from allergies like humans?

Dogs can suffer from allergies to food, fleas, pollen, pesticides and household products. According to, symptoms of allergies in dogs can include hair loss, hives and facial swelli... Read More »

You are joining the Marines and suffer from allergies Can you take Zyrtec while in basic training?

I would have thought that you need to tell the Marines about your allergies and let them deal with it rather than trying to treat yourself while in training. Bear in mind that if your allergies are... Read More »