Do cats have color vision?

Answer It's not true that cats see only in black and white. While they don't see as many colors as humans do, they do see in color. To them, most of the world is shades of blue and green. So while that ho... Read More »

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What is the cheapest way to get night vision?

The cheapest way to get night vision would be to -- Join the U.S. military.

Night vision camcorders?

The posters who gave specific models are right. More generally, any Sony camercorder that has Super NightShot® System has infrared.

How to Look Through a Night Vision Scope?

Night vision technology has been in use for approximately 30 years and is largely used by military forces for tactical operations. The most basic night vision scope utilizes ambient light sources, ... Read More »

Night vision CAMCORDER which 1?

A sony camcorder will have the best night vision. This works by using infra red which the camera can see but your eyes can't. The only problem is that if you want color this method does not provide... Read More »