Do caterpillars eat strawberry plants?

Answer Caterpillars do eat strawberry plants. There is a caterpillar known as strawberry leafroller, which is small and green or brown and can grow underneath the leaves. It rolls the leaves and feeds on ... Read More »

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Do the caterpillars that eat tomato plants turn into butterflies?

The caterpillars that eat tomatoes do not turn into butterflies, but do turn into the five-spotted hawk moth, a huge insect with a four to five inch dull gray wingspan and a yellow spotted body. Th... Read More »

Caterpillars are eating my plants. trees shrubs roes' they're eating everything?

I wish I had an answer ,as I had the same problem a few years ago, But home depot recommend something and for the life of me I can't remember what it was, But my plants were so damaged .it did not ... Read More »

Varieties of Strawberry Plants?

Strawberries make an excellent choice for any home garden since they produce fruit so quickly. Each strawberry plant will produce approximately one quart of fruit and 25 plants will usually produce... Read More »

How do I bloom strawberry plants?

When and How to StartPlant strawberry plants in late autumn in full sun. Bare-root plants can be started in winter. Use special strawberry planters with planting pockets about 3 inches in diameter ... Read More »