Do caskets leak?

Answer Yes, even expensive, solid wood and metal caskets tend to leak over time. Caskets that are occupied and buried do not effectively seal body fluids in or keep ground water out.Source:Orlando Sentine... Read More »

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How long do caskets last?

The material a casket is made of determines how long it will last. A casket can be made out of steel, which can last for years or decades without showing wear, or wood, which deteriorates much more... Read More »

How Do Caskets Lock?

Caskets typically lock with a catch-type lock composed of a locking pin and a receiving element. The locking pin allows the lock to engage and remain engaged with the receiving element and is screw... Read More »

How are caskets constructed?

The choice of a casket is an extremely personal decision. Deciding which casket is the best choice depends on several factors such as cost, personal taste, the type of interment and religious laws.... Read More »

How are caskets sealed?

According to the Funeral Consumers Alliance, most caskets are not sealed so that natural dehydration can occur. If the buyer chooses to have the casket sealed, rubber gaskets are used. Because this... Read More »