Do carrots improve your eyesight ?

Answer Carrots themselves do not but the Beta-Carotene, an actual mineral does help with preventing eye degeneration, other foods have BC, like sweet potato's, squash, pumpkin, fruits to.

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Is it true that eating carrots can improve our eyesight?

Carrots can give nutrition to your eyes physically but will not change eyesight clarity. They will not change the way we use our eyes.Blur comes from using our eyes, mind, and body together incorre... Read More »

Is reading in the dark really bad for your eyesight?

As with most things pertaining to eyesight these days, most people have the opposite understanding of the truth.Yes strain and tension harm our vision but strain and tension don't just happen to us... Read More »

Do contacts really worsen your eyesight?

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) do not worsen vision, but, and here is the subtlety, they do strongly encourage incorrect vision habits. Incorrect vision habits are what squeeze ... Read More »

How can I make my eyesight naturally better?

@ANGIE.. : ur trying to break his bones too ?? :P :Phey buddy .., lets be practical. if u have minus power, its almost impossible... carrots and spinach are gud.. eat it. but they wont cure.. s... Read More »