Do carrots really improve your eye sight?

Answer A diet with sufficient vitamin A, iron and other provitamins (substances that our bodies can convert into vitamins) is vital for eye health.There are two types of vitamin A: retinoids and carotenoi... Read More »

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Is it true that carrots can improve your sight?

of course, the vegetable is rich of antioxidants:> peace

Is it true that carrots improve eye sight?

It is true in that carrots are high in Vitamin A, also known as retinol. Retinol is converted to retinene, a compound that makes up part of the light-sensing photopigments that sit in the retina a... Read More »

Do carrots improve your eyesight ?

Carrots themselves do not but the Beta-Carotene, an actual mineral does help with preventing eye degeneration, other foods have BC, like sweet potato's, squash, pumpkin, fruits to.

“Can carrots help improve your vision?

no matter how many carrots a blind person eats.....they won't be able to see any better