Do cardinals live in east Texas?

Answer Yes, cardinals can be found in eastern Texas. They range from New England, the Midwest and the Great Plains, all the way down to Mexico and Florida.IdentificationThe northern cardinal, Cardinalis ... Read More »

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Can cardinals live in bird cages?

Although cardinals are physically able to live in bird cages, it is not legal in the United States to keep a cardinal in captivity. Cardinals are classified as migratory birds, and thus are protect... Read More »

Do cardinals live in nests or bird houses?

Instead of using human-provided structures like bird houses or nesting boxes, northern cardinals build their small cup-like nests in dense shrubbery or in small trees. Generally cardinals will nest... Read More »

How to Fish in East Texas?

Fishing in east Texas is a popular pastime and there are a wide variety of lakes to choose from. While there are plenty of charter companies that take fishermen out in groups on boats, most fishing... Read More »

Growing Squash in East Texas?

Squash is a plentiful garden vegetable that can be classified into two types: summer squash and winter squash. Both types offer wide varieties, which include: zucchini, butternut and acorn squash. ... Read More »