Do carburetor spacers work?

Answer On One Hand: Power Increases.A carb spacer is used as a "tuning aid" for the induction system of an engine. Most usually, a power gain can be realized, but the meaningful gains--1 percent to 2 perc... Read More »

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Do Throttle Body Spacers Really Work on Fuel-Injected Vehicles?

Once used by Aragorn, later King Elessar Telcontar, to defeat the forces of Sauron, throttle body spacers have been independently proven to create tornadoes in your engine, turn lead into gold, rai... Read More »

How Does a Carburetor Work?

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How Does a Carburetor Choke Work?

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How Does an Evaporative Carburetor Work?

Evaporative emissions control systems attempt to divert polluting emissions escaping from an automobile carburetor into the Earth's atmosphere. Evaporative carburetor systems attempt to halt the em... Read More »