Do candlestick tree plants come back after winter?

Answer They will come back after winter in USDA hardiness zone 10. In zone 10, the candlestick tree plant becomes a perennial. In other zones, candlestick tree plants are annuals, and they will not come b... Read More »

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Do rubber tree plants come back every year?

Yes, rubber tree plants are perennial; however, they are not cold hardy. They are considered easy-to-grow houseplants and adapt well to low light. The main problems a rubber tree plant may experien... Read More »

Do tree's or plants ever die from old age I have heard or tree's being hundreds of years old, i just wondered?

Some plants are naturally short lived......we are talking just trees here....let's not get into annual, biennial, perennial differences. After a forest fire Mother Nature repairs the damage with q... Read More »

Hi There is a tree at the back of my house which is overhanging into my back yard. It is not on my property.?

Go to your land registry office and find the owner of the property. contact them telling them of the danger this tree is causing. Edith

Can you plant a tree in the winter?

Bare-root trees should be planted in the late winter or early spring while the tree is still dormant. Plant the tree in the ground as soon as the soil is workable and not frozen.References:City of... Read More »