Do campanula flowers smell?

Answer Campanulas are very beautiful, but are rather scentless.

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How to Stop and Smell the Flowers?

'Stop and smell the flowers', is a saying that is really not related to flowers at all. It is a reminder, a message, for each of us, to stop rushing, stop working late, time passes quickly. Stop an... Read More »

What Makes Flowers Smell?

Flowers produce chemicals in their bloom, providing a fragrance necessary for their survival. Alluring to pollinators and turning away predators, these plants use specific chemistry in mixing esse... Read More »

Do the flowers of carnivorous plants smell bad?

The flowers of carnivorous plants do not smell bad. Most carnivorous plants, such as the venus flytrap and the pitcher plant utilize sweet-smelling nectars to attract insects to be eaten. While som... Read More »

Beautiful Flowers That Smell Bad?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant. They are brightly colored and often fragrant to attract potential pollinators like insects and birds. Some plants have adapted a less-than-pleasant f... Read More »