Do cabbage's like to grow in sun or shade?

Answer semi-shade. They don't like bright sunlight, but not complete darkness either.

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What perinnials grow best in shade?

fernshostasbleeding heartslilies of the valleycoral bellsastilbesbegoniasprimrosesimpatienssome varieties of phlox, candytuft, and sweet alyssum are perennial

What flowers can i grow in shade?

There are a lot of different plants that will flourish in a shade garden. Several of them will flower while others may have variegated leaves making for beautiful color displays. Both perennials ... Read More »

Do tomatoes grow in the sun or the shade?

Tomatoes grow best in location that receive eight hours of sun. Plant them in a location where they will be exposed to no more than three hours of shade, per day. In areas where temperatures normal... Read More »

Does a verbena need shade or sun to grow?

Verbena much prefer sun, they love it and flower profusely in relatively dry conditions, even spilling out over concrete paths with flat low spreads of foliage and bright flowers. They are perenni... Read More »