Do buzzards have an anus?

Answer The term "buzzard" is casually used as a nickname for a number of birds, including black vultures, turkey vultures, king vultures and the common buzzard, which is known as a hawk. Each of these bi... Read More »

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Do buzzards have bowel movements?

The word "buzzard" is a common nickname given to birds like vultures and hawks. Vultures and hawks defecate by using a typical digestive system. One point of confusion arises with vultures, which ... Read More »

Itchy anus.. do I have a serious illness?

The symptoms you described sound like pin worms. They are microscopic worms (adults are visible, only several mm long) that infect your gut and eat nutrients. They do cause an itchy anus, look for ... Read More »

Have been constipated for a week finally went right now. But I started bleeding from my anus... Is it normal?

Very normal.If you get constipated again, drink lots of water and eat high fiber foods.Step 2 is an over the counter stool softener.Step 3 is a laxative.Step 4, an enema.

Ok i have anal leakage, strong sour smell coming from anus, and white stuff in my poop. Help!!!?