How to Make Bumble Bees?

Answer Bumble bees are an old fashioned small cake filled with dried fruit and nuts. Perhaps they looked like bumble bees to the cooks of yore, for the name has stuck!

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Differences Between Carpenter Bees & Bumble Bees?

Although both bees are beneficial pollinators, carpenter bees are more of a nuisance. The carpenter bee is more likely to use former nesting spots and wood can be damaged with multiple burrow holes... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bumble Bees in the Grass?

Bumble bees are a welcome addition to most gardens and are generally very good for the environment. They pollinate flowers and are usually non-aggressive towards humans. However, underground hives ... Read More »

How to Trap Bumble Bees?

Bumblebees serve an important role in nature, but they can also be bothersome pests that are dangerous for people and animals. If you want to catch bumblebees without harming them, you can create a... Read More »

Do carpenter bees make honey?

Carpenter bees do not make honey. Carpenter bees are large, solitary insects that live in desert areas. They do not make hives, swarm or produce any form of honey, as the bees you think of when you... Read More »