How big do bull frogs get?

Answer The bullfrog is an aquatic species, and is comparatively bigger then most other frog species. There are several different types of bullfrogs in several different continents, but they all share com... Read More »

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Where do bull frogs hibernate?

Bullfrogs hibernate in winter by lying on top of or partially buried in the mud at the bottom of a lake. Bull frogs could suffocate if they completely bury themselves in the mud. The bullfrog does ... Read More »

What do wild bull frogs eat?

Bullfrogs have huge appetites and are known to eat anything they can. This typically includes insects, small fish and even small mammals, such as birds, lizards and other frogs. Bullfrogs have larg... Read More »

How long do bull frogs live?

The North American bullfrog, rana catesbeiana, has a life span of about nine years in the wild, but longer in captivity. The Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois, shows a record of a b... Read More »

Where do African bull frogs live?

The African bullfrog is a large frog located in central, eastern and southern Africa. It lives in the rivers and streams of otherwise dry areas and eats just about anything that it can fit in its ... Read More »