Do bulbs need to be watered when planting?

Answer Bulbs need to be watered immediately after planting. Watering directly after planting helps to settle the soil. Bulbs also need moisture so they can start rooting after they are planted.Source:Univ... Read More »

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Tips for Planting Bulbs Late?

Every gardener has done it. You forget that you have a bag or two of bulbs in the shed or garage. Winter is in full swing, and spring is almost here. Don't worry, it is still possible to plant them... Read More »

Tips for Planting Amarylis Bulbs?

Amaryllis belladonna L., commonly known as Belladonna lily or naked lady, is the progenitor of many modern varieties of Amaryllis. One of the most common non-fragrant bulb-type wildflowers from sou... Read More »

What does partial shade mean for planting bulbs?

Partial shade means that the bulbs should be planted where they get no more than six hours of sun, or 30% to 60% of the day. Research light requirements for the particular plant and choose the best... Read More »

How long after planting bulbs will they bloom?

The time for a bulb to bloom depends on the type of flower and prevailing weather conditions. Gladiolus bulbs bloom in 70 to 90 or more days, depending on weather conditions and variety. In Florida... Read More »