Are caterpillars bugs or insects?

Answer Caterpillars are the larvae form of butterflies and moths. Butterflies and moths are members of the lepidoptera order of insects. Although they may look different in this early stage of the life cy... Read More »

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Bad Garden Bugs & Insects?

The first step in treating any bad garden bug is to properly identify it. This will ensure that you purchase the correct treatment and can prevent the use unnecessary chemicals and insecticides. Wh... Read More »

Are bugs& insects the same thing?

Bugs are specific types of insects. Some characteristics unique to bugs are a mouth shaped like a straw and wings that are thick and colored where they attach to the body and thin toward the end.So... Read More »

What little bugs / insects am I seeing in my yard?

I would have thought Thrips, but your description of the damage doesn't necessarily suit. These types of pest tend to be very seasonal. They'll likely die off in a few weeks when their enemies get... Read More »

Can you help me identify these insects / bugs?

pill bug or sow bug or roly poly. type in termite in search bar. in bug guide.picture not clear.possible booklicetype in millipede in search search... Read More »