Do broom vacs work?

Answer On One Hand: They Work Great On Hard FlooringBroom vacs do a good job of cleaning up dirt, lint, pet hair and crumbs from hard flooring. Many consumers prefer them to brooms, since they do a more t... Read More »

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Who makes rigid shop vacs?

The Emerson Company manufactures Rigid shop vacuums under the Rigid brand name. Rigid has four manufacturing plants in the United States, two in Europe and one in Asia. Rigid Tool Company is owned ... Read More »

Do you remove the filter from Shop-Vacs when sucking up water?

When using a Shop-Vac wet-dry vacuum to suck up water, you do not need to remove the filter or add any extra attachments. It is only recommended that you begin vacuuming with an empty vacuum and a... Read More »

Where can you buy a good broom?

You can purchase a good broom at any reputable hardware shop/store, however you may want to look into purchasing one from a professional janitorial supply company. Not only will they have a wider s... Read More »

What does jumping the broom mean?

"Jumping the broom" is a wedding ritual from African-American slaves and still survives in some places of the American South. The custom involves the couple jumping a broom, which the family is hol... Read More »