Do branches have tree rings?

Answer Yes.

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How to Draw a Family Tree Using Tree Branches & Leaves?

Family trees are graphs or drawings that depict the ancestry of a certain individual or family. Using actual parts of a tree to depict the lines of ancestry is an appropriate and visually appealing... Read More »

How many tree branches are down in your yard now?

About 6. But the wind storm that came through here in August knocked down the weakest trees, so our yard's pretty empty already. My poor dogwood trees are on the ground, sagging from the weight.W... Read More »

How to Climb a Tree With No Branches?

Need to get up one of those rare trees without branches? Or perhaps you just need to get up a few feet before reaching a branch? It's not impossible but it does take lots of muscle power and concen... Read More »

Some branches are dying on my apricot tree?

That's pretty darned old for an apricot tree. it could just be getting to the end of it's life. Or there could have been damage on the branches shortly before where you notice they're dying. Or ... Read More »