Do braces hurt when going on?

Answer yes it does when i first got my braces i coulndt even say ooh it also hurst when the doc tightingsn the braces every month but u wolud get used to it fur a while

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I just got rubber bands for my braces, how long are my teeth going to hurt for?

i had braces and did you just get your braces? or did you have braces and just got rubber bands? the rubber bands part will hurt for a couple days to like a week, not too long. chew sugar free gum,... Read More »

Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?

they only hurt about the first week for me. some people only a day, it depends on you. but after a little while, not that long, you get use to them. i have had mine since the beginning of this year... Read More »

Does It Hurt When You Get Braces..?

It doesn't necessarily hurt, i have braces on right now and it didnt hurt me at all. It is just a quick pinch and they are on, it hurts less that the flu shot. The best colour to get (in my opinion... Read More »

Do braces hurt when they get put in?

I'v had braces for a year and whn I got them nothing hurted. Ot felt a bit heavy and different, and a bit weird. But the next couple of days it did hurt, so much I couldn't even chew on pasta, but ... Read More »