Do braces hurt alotIm SCARED?

Answer Braces noly hurt people who can't handle a ity bity teensie weensie bit of pain... I got brace and they NEVER hurt me and i and them for about 3 and a half years. I was 12 or 11 when I got them..... Read More »

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Im sooo scared!Im getting braces!Do they hurt?

CONGRATS ON GETTING BRACES!im getting mine off, FINALLY.haha, but yeah, had them for 3 freakin years.When i got my braces, the put the top ones only..after like 5 months I got my bottom.No needles,... Read More »

Im getting braces and im scared cuz alot of pepole are saying its going to hurt like crazzy so i need help?

they only hurt about the first week for me. some people only a day, it depends on you. but after a little while, not that long, you get use to them. i have had mine since the beginning of this year... Read More »

My daughter is getting braces tomorrow is very scared! She's crying and not wanting to go. Does it hurt?

Usually, the only bad part is the spacers. Or all the extra stuff they can put in with your braces. The Braces themselves never really hurt very badly. I was able to eat and everything- It never hu... Read More »

Did it hurt anyone the first time they had sex Because I am scared its going to hurt?

yes it will hurt, but it gets better the more you do it. and since you've been with him for 3 years im not going to give you the whole lecture about making sure he's the right guy; but just make su... Read More »