Do braces hurt 10 points!!!!!!! please answer!?

Answer I just got mine on within the last year. It's not a painful procedure at all. It does suck, though. The hardest part for me is not being able to move my tongue and swallow. I think I have a mor... Read More »

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Would i need braces best answer 10 points (pic included)?

I don't think your teeth look too bad, but I've got some friends and I thought their teeth looked fine but the dentist said they needed braces. it's a hard decision for us to make, consering we're ... Read More »

Is getting braces scary Do they hurt Please answer?

I got braces when I was around your age. They hurt a little when you first get them and when they tighten them once a month, but for the most part, it isn't so bad. Also, you are going to want to g... Read More »

Few braces questions. Please Answer, Easy 10 points?

Hi, Extracting teeth is not a reasonable answer to the problem. An expander is likely what you'll get. You'll wear it for 5 months to a year. What it is; something with metal loops that holds onto ... Read More »

Do you guys think girls with braces are ugly Do they make you look different Do they hurt Answer please.?

Girls with braces are not ugly, just because you have something extra on your teeth doesn't mean that you turn ugly. I have them right now and i think they suit me, they don't really look bad. I do... Read More »