Do braces effect the way you talk?

Answer I think it does, but not by much. If anything, it will be a retainer that changes your voice.

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If bt terminate my landline does it effect my switchover to talk talk?

With most companys you just pay for your calls from them and BT will still charge you line rental. Some companys are taking over line rental as well but not sure on talk talk. Check with them. Your... Read More »

Will having braces effect how well I can lie through my teeth?

Nope get rainbow ones and dazzle people with your smile :-) naughty you stop taking mummies happy pills

Does braces effect your talking and singing?

It has effected my son's speaking voice, but I don't know if it affects everyone the same!

Is it hard to talk with braces?

nah, a whole bunch of my friends have them and they dont sound any different. they just take some getting used to.dont worry about it (: