Do braces cause a metallic taste in your mouth?

Answer Yes, but only in certain people. The majority of people who get braces will not experience a metallic taste, but some may taste metal due to corrosion of the metal or certain medicines that may cau... Read More »

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I have metallic taste in my mouth?

the metallic taste is probably blood because blood tastes like iron get to the doctors to have it checked out

How do you get the metallic taste out of your mouth?

It depends what is causing the metallic taste, it can be caused by some medications, cavities in your teeth, acid reflux or heartburn. Using blocks under the head of your bed to lift the bed to a 1... Read More »

How do i cure the metallic taste in my mouth?

A strong, persistent foul metallic taste in the mouth is known as dysgeusia, or distortion of sense of taste. The unpleasant, acidic taste can linger throughout the day, even when the afflicted pe... Read More »

TTC.... and metallic/bloddy taste in mouth?

Well my period was due on the 6th and I had a small pinkish discharge when I wiped on 4th Feb, I assumed period was arriving a couple of days early. But it didn't. I tested on Saturday morning [7th... Read More »