Do boys like womans private shaved?

Answer Depends on who you are i guess. a friends husband likes her to look like a barbie doll, another friend likes a " run way" who cares as long as you have personal hygiene and keep the damn thing clean

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Adults Does your boyfriend or hubby like you shaved like a baby?

Who cares if boyfriend likes it? *I* like it. I love it in fact. It has nothing to do with pedophilia as others may believe. It has to do with *sensation*. It feels excellent, for myself and f... Read More »

My knees crack like an old womans?

Exercise. The more you use them the stronger those ligaments and muscles will get. If you're like any 13yo i know you barely go outside. Just get moving. Get active. It'll help. I promise!

I shaved my cooch and now it looks like I am diseased!?

I know that this sounds painful, but you should try waxing. I suggest to get waxed at least a week after your period or a week before because your nerves are more sensitive during the time of your ... Read More »

Private Boarding Schools for Boys?

Private boarding schools for boys come in all shapes and sizes. The benefits of living at school include having an organized structure in a contained social environment, making it easier to focus o... Read More »