Do boys care if girls have hair on thier #####?

Answer no

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Do boys prefer girls with curly hair or straight hair?

To be honest with you it shouldn't matter if you have straight, curly or if you have no hair. Boys shouldn't judge you by your hair or your looks because if they do they are just really shallow and... Read More »

Boys, do you like to mess girls hair up?

If you did that to me I'd kick your as.s. I spend hours on my hair every day D:seriouslyI'd freakin pound youhaha

How to Take Care of Black Hair for Boys?

Black hair is often dry and fragile with tight curls. Although hair grows about 6 inches a year, black hair is prone to split ends and breakage, so hair does not seem to grow much. The best solutio... Read More »

BOYS! girls with blonde or brown hair?

depends on the skin color. blonde looks good on pale whites, brown looks good on more tan colored. dark tan with blonde hair is just kinda weird. good luck.