Do both eyes need to have catarac surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Age Related CataractsThe development of age-related cataracts will typically happen at a similar rate between the two eyes. If both eyes are developing cataracts at the same rate, it ... Read More »

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Surgery to lift eyes?

There are all kinds of surgery that can be done on the eyes. To know if what you want is possible you would need to consult with a surgeon who could do it. Look for cosmetic surgery clinics in yo... Read More »

Is there a surgery to get asian eyes?

yeah, i am sure plastic surgery can do it

Is there surgery out there to fix lazy eyes?

There's a yes and no answer to this one!There can be several different reasons why an eye might be lazy (formally, amblyopic).If the problem is poor alignment of the eyes, so that the brain canno... Read More »

How do you keep your eyes open in LASIK eye surgery?

a speculum will keep your eyes open so you can't blink and you will feel no need to as your eyes will be numb due to anesthetic eye drops. no, it doesn't hurt. some people do feel a little discomfo... Read More »