Do both eyes need to have catarac surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Age Related CataractsThe development of age-related cataracts will typically happen at a similar rate between the two eyes. If both eyes are developing cataracts at the same rate, it ... Read More »

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If both Parents have brown eyes can the baby have bue eyes?

Absolutely the child can have blue eyes it's called a resasive (can't spell that word) gene. My step son had blue eyes and both my exhusband and his exgirlfriend had brown eyes and we had a blood t... Read More »

Do i need contact lenses in both eyes?

I have contact lenses, and no you don't have to have them in both eyes. You can have them in just the one unless both eyes need them.

I have both a wi-fi tv and blu ray, do I need to connect both to the internet?

If you have no use for the TV apps then just connect the bluray.

Is it normal to have two iris colors in both eyes?

Yes, some people have this condition called Heterochromia! It's rare but it doesn't mean you're going to die!