Do boas have fangs?

Answer A boa constrictor does not have fangs or venom, but it does have sharp teeth. A boa constrictor uses its body to suffocate its prey. It tightens against an animal when the animal exhales, preventin... Read More »

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Who was Franz Boas?

Franz Boas (1858-1942) was an anthropologist particularly known for his studies of the Kwakiutl Indians of Canada. Other work included a position as assistant curator of ethnology and somatology fo... Read More »

Where do boas live?

The boa constrictor, a snake that can grow to be 13 feet long, can be found in Central and South America, from Northern Mexico to Argentina. Boas can survive in varied habitats, including deserts, ... Read More »

How to Attach Feather Boas?

Feather boas can work as interesting and decorative fashion accessories, and although gluing feather boas can work well when combining several together or to a wreath, it can cause quite a mess whe... Read More »

How much do Dumeril boas cost?

The purchase of a Dumeril's boa snake can run $249, according to Pet Solutions. The Dumeril's boa can grow up to 8 feet long and live up to 20 years.Source:Pet Solutions: Dumeril's BoasPet Solution... Read More »