Do blue ray discs have region codes?

Answer "Yes, online tech support is available for help with most blu-ray players. You should go to the official website of the brand your blu-ray player is and look for tech support or a way to contact th... Read More »

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Are blu-ray discs region coded?

Htc550Ic not a bluray player. It is a dvd player.

Do Blu-ray discs have region numbers like DVD?

Okay - I wasn't sure - so I did some digging around... Apparently Blu-Ray discs ARE region specific - just like DVDs are. They're split as follows:- Region A - The AmericasRegion B - Africa, Middle... Read More »

Can your region b blue ray DVD be converted to region a?

Look up your brand and model of DVD player on the 'net. There's a lot of links to sites that have come up with 'hacks' for making a DVD player region free. Can't guarantee they'll work, but doing... Read More »

Do 3d blue ray discs play in blue ray player?

Most 3D televisions are comfortable to view. While early models sometimes had heavy glasses and some flickering, most on sale today have very lightweight glasses and are looking very realistic. The... Read More »