Do blu-ray discs work in blu-ray 3d players?

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Do blu-ray discs work on DVD players?

No, because I tried it on my DVD player and it didn't work :(

Can minus R discs work in Blu-Ray Players?

A single-sided, single-layer Blu-Ray disc can hold about 25 GB compared to the 4.7 GB of a single-sided, single-layer DVD.

Do american blu ray discs work in European blu ray players?

NO. The reason is due to copy write. The blu ray disc release have codes that can be played at any region, but the player itself is only coded for your region. Keep in mind that each country have a... Read More »

Can DVD players play Blu-Ray discs?

Standard DVD players cannot play Blu-ray discs and will return an error. Blu-ray players, such as standalone players, Blu-ray-equipped PCs or the Playstation 3, can play DVD discs without a problem... Read More »